After purchase, you will immediately be taken to the login page.  You will be able to start putting in your information, uploading pictures, video, etc.  Your QR code will arrive 3 - 7 business days after your purchase which you can affix to the monument.
Your Life Remembrance QR code will ship the next business day after your order is placed. You should receive it in 3-7 business days, or longer depending on your location.
Life Remembrance QR codes can be attached to headstones, mausoleums, cremation niches, memorial benches, plaques or any other type of memorial. All is required is a clean, dry, flat surface.
Most smartphones will have a built in bar code reader. If your phone does not have one, there are a number of free apps that read bar codes. Simply point your smart phone at the link and your living legacy will be displayed.

Here are some links for QR code readers (these links are provided for reference, and not endorsed by Life Remembrance)
Each account comes with 100 pictures and 10 videos for uploading.  You can purchase more in your dashboard for a one cost if you would like.
Yes. Life Remembrance QR codes are made from a special material that is weatherproof and has been fully tested to withstand the harshest elements.
Life Remembrance will replace your QR code FREE of charge with a new one, as the QR codes are always free, you only need to pay the postage. Your current account remains the same, everything you have added is untouched, and the old QR code number will change to reflect your new QR code that will come in the mail.
Yes, we provide help for sure.  In your account is a full range of help videos that take you step by step on how to add content on all the options in your dashboard.
Life Remembrance will continue into the future using proceeds from each sale towards long term server costs.
You are paying for your uploaded information to be available on our servers.  The QR code is always FREE from day number one.  Please note that the internet is not owned by Life Remembrance, and makes no gaurantee of its operation, in whole or in part.