Attention all Related Businesses!

A GREAT OPPORTUNITY to offer the latest in monument technology at your funeral home,
monument business, cemetery, or mausoleum!

Becoming a Life Remembrance Associate, you have a couple of options about offering this exciting technology.

Associate Full Admin Account
Allows you to simply sign up your client while in your office through your personal dashboard allowing flexibility, and invoicing.
You can provide the service of adding pictures, videos etc, adding to your income and service.

Associate Dealer Code Account
Pass your client a Life Remembrance brochure with your Associate Dealer Code number on it.
Your client simply signs up using your dealer discount code number on the website,
and the sale will be logged into your account. Payments are done at the end of each month
to you, it doesn't get any easier than that.

No cost registration to get started. Start offering this technology to your clients
with the option that best suits your business.